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Things to consider

Before you spend any money on any brand of outdoor canopy.........

Will it be comfortable to sit under in 30 deg mid day sun?
UV rated safe for your family?
Will it darken your home in the winter so you will need lights on during the day?
Will it ever be at any risk of rust if the paint or powder coating gets scratched?
How easy will it be to clean? Any joins in the roof where dirt or grime can grow and make it hard to clean?
Does it have a square profile on all sides that match your house profile?
Does it have a square profile on all sides so blinds can easily be attached down the track if desired?

We have the solution to all these issues - the Bowranda!

Custom Outdoor Shading and Light Control with a difference, the choice is yours. We offer a diverse range of products to extend your living areas for hot summers or enclose your patio for cold winters. No matter what your needs, Waikato Windoware has a solution. For sun, wind, rain and UV protection Waikato Windoware have a solution to meet your requirements.